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Create an Outdoor Getaway with Creative Hardscape

The Reasons Why You Should Add or Include Hardscape to Your Property?

Hardscaping refers to the non-living man-made aspects of landscape areas like patios, walkways, retaining walls, fencing, and stonework. At the same time, softscaping would be your flowers, shrubs, grass, trees, and such. Creating beautiful flower beds, shrubs, grass, and trees will increase the value of your property. Having hardscaped patios, walkways, retaining walls, and other hardscaping transforms your landscape into serene, livable settings and adds value to your property. A stone pool patio with a kitchen area and walkway is an excellent addition to your home and creates additional living space for you to enjoy during the lovely spring, summer, and fall months of living in Maine. Let us help design the outdoor living space you have dreamed of. Hire our expert hardscape company, and you will be happy with your finished project and have less maintenance when the hardscape project is done right.

Defining Lines Landscaping experts can design and implement your perfect new hardscape and landscape project. We can assess the condition of your current hardscapes and provide the necessary inspection, cleaning, and sealing services to protect and revive your outdoor space. We offer hardscape services to businesses as well as homeowners. Having the outside of your business well-manicured, hardscaped, and designed is a great way to attract clients and make them feel safe and invited.

Maintaining your hardscape investment will prolong its life and boost the value of your property. 

Hardscaping can seem nearly Maintenance Free. Hardscaping is not Maintenance Free.

While many types of hardscaping can sustain an excellent appearance for many years, all pavers, wall blocks, and other hardscapes still fall victim to general staining, wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions. Just like hardwood floors need the occasional polish and cars need regular oil changes, hardscapes benefit from preservation in the form of inspections, cleaning, and sealing to restore their original appearance and protect them in the future.

Hardscaping Requires Regular Checkups

Hardscapes, just like any other part of a residential or commercial landscape, require regular checkups. Natural impacts such as settling ground or the growth of tree roots can impact hardscape placement, displacing or cracking individual pavers, rocks, or bricks. Keeping an eye on these issues with regular checkups will help you prevent larger problems and schedule treatments.

Hardscaping Requires Scheduled Cleanings

Cleaning pavers, bricks, stone, walls, concrete and other hardscapes annually is important. The practice, which usually involves pressure washing, cleans sediments that develop over time from rain, rotting leaves and snow. This intense cleaning also helps improve hardscape durability.

Other parts of hardscape cleanup that require more frequent attention include the removal of weeds or unwanted plant life from between and around patio pavers to keep a clean and neat appearance.

Hardscaping Can Require Sealing

Some commercial hardscapes, depending on the materials and their age, also require an annual sealing. The sealant can provide a matte or sheen-like finish and will help protect the hardscape against future sediment build-up or staining.

An office patio space where employees enjoy their lunch, for example, could have spills that can stain the hardscape. A sealant can help shield the space against unattractive stains and blemishes.

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